What is Smile Design?

Smile makeovers are increasingly popular, but a successful smile makeover considers far more than just your teeth. When you smile, you use your teeth, your lips and your facial muscles to express this emotion. It’s essential to make sure your teeth, muscles, joints and your facial bones work harmoniously, providing you with an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional smile.

When planning a smile makeover here at New Age Dental, we consider the patient’s facial appearance very carefully. There are specific proportions that influence the shape and alignment of teeth, and which are sometimes called the golden proportions. These proportions ensure that your teeth are the correct width and length to complement your lips and face so that when you smile, you show the most flattering amount of tooth and gum tissue. The overall shape of your teeth is determined by your gender, and specific tooth shapes look more youthful than others, for example, useful teeth tend to be more rounded, and the incisal or biting edges are unworn. Female teeth are usually round and more delicate, while male teeth tend to be squarer and larger.

We make sure you are involved with every aspect of your smile design, right from the planning stage through to completion.

Jun, 11, 2019