What is CEREC and How Could It Help You?

Usually, when you need a new crown or porcelain filling, it’s necessary to visit us here at New Age Dental at least twice. However, CEREC restorations can be created in a single visit using the very latest CADCAM technology. Your tooth is prepared, the crown is made and fitted during the same visit so that you will leave with your new restoration in place.

The first stage of treatment is the same, as our dentist will prepare your tooth, but instead of a tray impression, we use a tiny handheld camera to scan your tooth. Digitally scanning your tooth provides an extremely detailed impression, ensuring your new restoration is precision fitting. Sophisticated software uses these images to create a virtual 3-D model of the tooth. Next, our dentist will custom design your restoration using the software, and the design is sent to our on-site milling machine. Your restoration is milled from a solid block of pure, high-quality porcelain that is pre-shaded to match your natural tooth. Once the restoration is milled, it is hand finished and ready to be bonded onto your tooth.

CEREC restorations are durable, strong and look beautiful. You won’t need to wear a temporary restoration, and there is no need to find the time for that second visit.

Aug, 22, 2019