What Does Unhealthy Saliva Mean and How Can We Help You?

When your saliva is healthy, it helps to protect your oral health and keeps your mouth clean and comfortable. When you cannot produce enough high-quality saliva, it can cause significant problems for your dental health. Here at New Age Dental, we offer a saliva test that only takes a few minutes, and which is entirely painless and non-invasive. It’s a test that can provide a significant amount of information about your dental and general health and will quickly tell us if your saliva is protecting your teeth correctly.

When Should I Consider a Saliva Test?

You might want to have a saliva test if you have a dry and uncomfortable mouth, bad breath or have noticed changes to your sense of taste. We may suggest analysing your saliva if we think your risk of certain diseases is higher, or if you have problems with tooth decay or gum disease. Once we have the results of your saliva test, we can tailor your treatment plan to help improve your oral health. Sometimes, we might also suggest making lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking or cutting down on your coffee consumption or making changes to your diet or even just drinking more water.

Oct, 11, 2019