Are Your Teeth Painful in Cold Weather?

If so, you’re not alone. An estimated one in eight people experiences tooth sensitivity during the colder weather. Sometimes increased tooth sensitivity is linked to other problems like untreated tooth decay or teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism). However, sometimes, there are other reasons as the temperature changes can affect your tooth structure.

Although everyone is different the most common symptom for sensitive teeth is a sudden, sharp flash of pain when teeth are exposed to cold air, sweet, acidic or hot foods or if the enamel is worn down causing the dentin in the teeth to be exposed.

Your tooth dentine is made up of tiny hollow tubes, surrounding the tooth nerve. These microscopic fractures allow cold sensations to penetrate the tubes, reaching the tooth nerve and creating sensitivity.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity and are not sure of the reason or would like further information or treatments,  we highly recommend you book in with one of our dentists at New Age Dental to help discuss further and see how we can help you.

Jun, 12, 2020