When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Tooth extraction is necessary if a tooth is extensively decayed or infected or has been damaged by trauma such as a crack that extends along the length of the tooth and into the tooth root. It is definitely the treatment of last resort because we will always do everything we can to save your natural teeth. We only suggest tooth extraction if a tooth cannot be repaired with a filling, root canal treatment or a crown. Sometimes a loose tooth may also need to be removed, for example, if you have advanced gum disease that has destroyed the bone around it.

Some people have extra teeth causing overcrowding and removing these teeth helps improve oral health. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove teeth in preparation for orthodontics. Cancer treatments can increase the risk of tooth infections, necessitating tooth removals.

Wisdom teeth frequently cause problems because often there is insufficient room for them to come through normally. These teeth can be impacted where they try to erupt underneath the adjacent teeth, or sometimes will only partially erupt, so they are more likely to become infected and decayed.

If you do need a tooth removed, then please don’t worry! Our experienced dental team will make sure you feel comfortable during treatment, and if required we can supply additional sedation.

Jun, 25, 2018