The Power of a Smile

If you love to travel, then you might have noticed that some other countries have a very different attitude to happiness. Even if wages are low, inhabitants will often smile frequently and seem to have an inner sense of peace. You might have wondered what their secret is and how you could feel that happy. Many of us have grown up always expecting more instead of enjoying the moment. In fact, it takes a strong sense of self-belief not to succumb to the idea that we will feel happier if we have more stuff, the latest gadgets and probably a massive mortgage. Even when we have these things, then we will most likely want even more.

It is possible to find a middle ground, and there can be a considerable sense of freedom in accepting our limits. When you feel contented and connected to the world around you, you’re more likely to smile naturally. Frequently, it’s only possible to be at peace with ourselves when we live in the moment. Societies that seem genuinely happy value this inner peace and kindness towards each other and have a strong sense of community and connectedness. Why not try an experiment? Try to smile warmly at people you encounter during your day. Your smile can uplift others while giving you the gift of enjoying the moment.

May, 28, 2018