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Sparkling white teeth are considered to be the ultimate sign of good oral health. However, teeth could get discoloured due to many factors – such as diet, lifestyle and even age. Genetics and the use of certain medications could also cause discolouration.

In such cases, no amount of brushing and flossing can help restore the whiteness unless you opt for teeth whitening treatments. At New Age Dental, we provide exceptional dental care to patients of all ages so you can flaunt a smile you love.

It’s never been easier to sport a beautifully white smile and the very safest way to whiten your teeth is to have a professional teeth whitening treatment near Greensborough. Opt for an in-chair laser whitening treatment for fast results, while our custom-made whitening kits will work equally as well over a couple of weeks or so.

Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Procedure?

While teeth whitening is a simple procedure, our dentists will need your medical history before starting any treatment. You can share your list of medications with us and inform us of any medical conditions you have, as it will ensure that the procedure we carry out is safe for you.

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    Can Anyone Whiten Their Teeth?

    Teeth whitening will work well for most people, but it isn’t right for everybody. Regardless of how you choose to whiten your teeth, it’s always important to get a dental examination beforehand. Our dentist can examine your teeth to make sure they are healthy enough to whiten, as this will ensure treatment is both safe and comfortable.

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    What Is the in-Chair Laser Whitening Treatment?

    During your in-chair laser whitening treatment near our Greensborough clinic, we can improve the colour of your teeth by several shades. Your gums and lips are protected before whitening gel is painted onto your teeth. This is activated by a laser as the light helps the gel to penetrate your teeth more easily, lifting even deep-seated stains. The process is repeated several times during your treatment.

    Bundoora Teeth Whitening

    What Is a Customised Home Whitening Kit?

    Your kit will include custom-made whitening trays that will fit tightly over your teeth. These are very easy to use and simply need to be filled with whitening gel and worn for several hours or overnight. You will begin to see results within just a few days, but treatment may take two weeks or so to complete.

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