Talking to Your Dentist- Dietary Dental Advice

We are often asked how to look after children’s teeth, and diet can make a huge difference. While children need energy-rich foods for health and development, it is best they don’t consume too many foods with added sugars.

When preparing food for infants, do not add sugar and be especially careful with fruit juices. All too often, dentists see young children with baby bottle decay, a specific form of tooth decay that can develop when infants are given very sugary drinks, and especially children who are given a bottle to take to bed. If your child does need a drink to take to bed, give them plain water.

As your child grows up, make sure they eat sugar-free dairy foods like natural yoghurt and cheese, as the calcium content is great for teeth, and these foods contain plenty of protein. Avoid sugar-coated cereals and instead choose porridge and shredded wheat, for example, that will give children lots of energy. Consumption of sugary drinks should be kept to a minimum and only provided very occasionally at mealtimes. Children who regularly consume fizzy drinks, fruit juice or energy drinks are far more likely to have problems with tooth decay.


Jun, 11, 2019