How to Stop Your Child Teeth Grinding in Their Sleep Naturally

Teeth grinding can sound horrible, and a child might grind their teeth during sleep if they have a small airway. When a child’s airway is too small, it prevents them from reaching the deepest stages of sleep, which is essential for their growth and development. To resolve this problem, schedule a dental examination for your child here at New Age Dental. We can check to see if your child has a smaller than average airway.
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Another cause of tooth grinding and especially in children is parasites, and this is a problem that can only worsen over time.

Parasitic Infections

It’s been suggested that teeth grinding, or bruxism is more likely when a child has intestinal parasites. The exact connection hasn’t been identified, but it’s thought the toxins produced by parasites may signal the brain, causing teeth grinding. Parasites can cause other symptoms such as allergies, food sensitivities, and nutritional deficiencies, as well as chronic gastrointestinal issues and abdominal pain. Your family GP can test your child for parasites, and if needed can provide an anti-worm medication.

Resolving Parasitic Infections Naturally

There are various ways you can help to address this problem naturally through promoting a healthy gut with diet and probiotic supplements, and which can be useful in addition to prescription medications. Also, make sure your child is getting enough vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin K2. Prevent reinfection by making sure your child has good personal hygiene, especially after they have been to the bathroom. Make sure they wear pants to bed to prevent itching, and that they have clean clothes, bed clothes and towels.

Jan, 28, 2019