How Snacking Affects Your Teeth

Most of us need the occasional snack in between meals to help boost energy levels, but regular snacking, especially on carbohydrate rich or sugary and sticky foods can harm your teeth. Every time you eat acidity levels in your mouth increase. This is because bacteria in your mouth utilise leftover food particles for energy, allowing them to thrive and as they do so, they produce acid. Acid removes essential minerals from your tooth enamel, softening it and increasing the risk of cavities. Although some of these essential minerals are redeposited as acidity levels begin to normalise, repeated exposure to acids causes acid erosion, gradually wearing away your tooth enamel. If you do need a snack, then try to choose foods that are good for your teeth. For example, hard cheese contains plenty of tooth-friendly calcium as does natural yoghurt. Other good options include raw fruit and vegetables, especially crunchy veggies, and raw nuts are another good choice.

Jan, 29, 2018