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We suggest most people come to see us here at New Age Dental every six months, even if your teeth seem perfectly healthy. This is the nice thing about having regular examinations, because any small signs of tooth decay or other problems can be detected by our dentist before they become visible to you and hopefully well before you can feel anything is wrong. At this stage, treatment is often easier, less invasive and cheaper.

Dental Examination Bundoora

What Will Happen during My Regular Examination?

Our dentist will ask if there have been any changes to your general health since your last appointment and we will need to make a note of any new medications being taken. Your mouth will be gently but thoroughly examined as we look for any changes to your teeth, gums and oral tissues. We do take x-rays periodically, usually every two years or so for adults with reasonable dental health. At the end of your examination, our dentist can discuss their findings and if any treatment is required then all possible options will be carefully explained.

Please contact us on (03) 9467 6759 for more information or visit us at Suite 5, Level 1, 20 Scholar Drive, Bundoora VIC 3083.

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