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We understand that losing your natural teeth is something that will affect your entire life. Apart from a loss of self-confidence and a reluctance to show off your smile, missing teeth can cause the structure of your mouth and face to change, affect speech or even cause headaches, jaw and neck pain.

We know some people find full dentures awkward to wear and if this applies to you, then All-on-4 is one possible solution. All-on-4 can hold a complete arch of teeth or “Implant Bridge” firmly in position. This technique can be performed for both the lower and upper jaw. A lot of people rely on this fixed alternative to dentures for their lower jaws as dentures for the lower jaw are harder to retain due to movement of the tongue when we speak or chew.

What Are Full-Mouth Implants (All-On-4)

With traditional implants, a small titanium screw is surgically implanted in your jawbone to serve as a replacement tooth root. Once the implant is in place, a new tooth replacement such as a titanium-reinforced porcelain crown is secured to the implant, providing you with an aesthetic and long-lasting tooth replacement that looks and feels like your original natural tooth.

Specially designed to help people to restore a complete arch of missing teeth, the All-on 4 technique needs just four dental implants, which is far fewer than is normally required. These are spaced evenly over the tooth-bearing or functional part of the jawbone to ensure the balanced spread of forces. The procedure ensures placement of implants in bone that is stronger and thicker, which allows insertion of teeth within 1-2 days of surgery. These “immediate” temporary teeth are there for show but do not function until 3 months later, when the implants become fully integrated with the jawbone. The final titanium-reinforced bridge of teeth will be strong enough to support a complete set of teeth (i.e. 12 teeth in each arch).

All On Four Bundoora

Who Can Get an All-On-4 Treatment?

All-on-4 in Bundoora, Melbourne, has seen a rise over the years due to its convenience and stability. Like every other dental treatment, it is important to first understand if the treatment is a suitable one for you. Many individuals lack the bone support needed for an all-on-4 treatment. Those with missing teeth for a prolonged period tend to have poor bone structure, which makes all-on-4 difficult. To make sure you are eligible for the treatment, our dentists carry out a thorough assessment during your initial consultation.

All On Four Dental Implants Near Bundoora

How do they work?

The term “All-on-4” refers to the replacement of ALL teeth ON 4 dental implants which support them. Two of the implants are placed vertically right at the front of the arch, with the other two being placed on either side and tipped to ensure a better spread of support. The bridge of teeth is fixed and stable and unable to be dislodged with eating, speech or the tongue.

This technique prevents the need for extensive grafting and the need to source bone from other parts of the body. All surgery to remove any remaining teeth, remove disease and place the implants is performed in the one procedure. As a result, this means a shorter recovery, fewer surgical procedures, less cost and less wait time to create your customised, stable and functional titanium-reinforced set of teeth.

Once the implants have fully healed or become fused to your jaw bone, they will create a strong and stable foundation that can easily support a complete arch of teeth

Why Choose All-On-4?

Cost-efficient Option

All-on-4 dental implants is a cost-efficient option when compared to replacing multiple missing teeth with individual implant-based restorations. With just one surgical procedure, you can replace an entire set of missing teeth on the same or 1-2 days following surgery.

Long-lasting Solution

Because they are permanently secured to your mouth, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of removing and maintaining your dentures, or the embarrassment of them shifting or falling out. When maintained well, i.e. attending for a clean appointment at least every 6 months and partaking in daily brushing and flossing, you can expect predictable long term outcomes that last for many years.

Convenient and more cost-effective surgery

The all-on-4 implant is convenient surgery due to the fewer numbers of dental implants required. The implants are placed in the densest and healthy bone of the jaw and positioned to avoid the need for sometimes unpredictable bone grafts. This means 1 surgical procedure rather than multiple stages of surgery and less recovery time from graft donor sites. Fewer implants also mean less overall cost.

Regain Confidence

Tooth loss may cause you to be more self-conscious about your smile, and functionally, you may be unable to eat certain foods. It is a permanent solution for restoring multiple missing teeth so that you can eat what you want when you want, and enjoy the feeling of a natural, healthy and confident smile. The initial set of teeth are also inserted within 12-24 hours of your surgery so you can show off that beautiful new smile sooner than you think!

All you need for an all-on-4 in Bundoora, Melbourne, is a go-ahead from a reliable dentist after a detailed assessment. So, if you currently struggle to wear full dentures and are looking for a long-term solution, it’s worth contacting New Age Dental to find out more about this option.

Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified practitioner.

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