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Ideally, your natural teeth will last for life, but occasionally it may be necessary to remove a tooth. We work hard to try to preserve our patient’s natural teeth, regarding tooth extraction as the last option.

Tooth Extraction with Bundoora Dentist

Why Might I Need a Tooth Removed?

Tooth extraction may be necessary to clear up a bad infection, for example where a tooth has become abscessed. Sometimes a tooth is too badly damaged to repair and this may be the case if it is extensively decayed or has perhaps cracked right down through the tooth roots. A tooth that has become loose may also need to be removed. If you do require a tooth extraction, we will make sure you are comfortable during the whole procedure, providing additional sedation if required.

Dental Extractions in Bundoora

Will I Need to Replace the Tooth?

With the exception of wisdom teeth, you will need to think about how best to replace any missing teeth. Even a single missing tooth can negatively impact your remaining teeth, allowing them to drift out of position and affecting your bite.

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