Root Canal Treatment Bundoora

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Root canal treatment or therapy can help save teeth that have become badly infected. If you have a tooth that has become decayed or damaged, infection can easily enter the tooth, often causing severe pain. Root canal treatment will help you feel much better and we can restore the tooth so hopefully it will last you for many years to come.

Root Canal Treatment in Bundoora

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

This is a procedure that will clean out the very central part of the tooth, getting rid of the infection that extends right into the root canals in your tooth roots. Once complete, the treated area is disinfected and in the case of a severe infection, we can place topical antibiotics. Your tooth will be restored at a later date, normally with a full dental crown. Covering up the tooth protects it from further infection while restoring its strength and appearance. Root canal treatment should not feel any worse than having a normal filling, but if you are at all anxious, please talk to us so we can help you overcome these concerns or we can offer you sedation.

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