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Dental fillings can be an excellent way to repair teeth, restoring strength and structure to the tooth while preserving the maximum amount of healthy tooth.

Dental Fillings in Bundoora

When Would I Need a Dental Filling?

Cavities can develop in teeth if they become infected and decayed. Removing the infected area and replacing it with a filling allows us to restore your tooth. One way we can mend your tooth is by using amalgam which is an extremely hard wearing silver coloured material that is great for repairing cavities in back teeth.

Repair Teeth with Dental Fillings in Bundoora

Can I Have an Invisible Tooth Filling?

If you would like a tooth coloured filling, we can use advanced composite resins that are available in a huge range of different shades. These are perfect for mending front teeth and are also suitable for small to medium sized cavities in back teeth. This allows us to invisibly repair your tooth in a way that is highly biocompatible.

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