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If you have a dental problem, then it is important for us to be able to make a quick and accurate diagnosis. By investing in advanced diagnostic technology, we can identify any issues quickly and accurately. Our dentist will then provide the most suitable treatment to help you feel more comfortable.

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What is Diagnostic Technology?

Our diagnostic technology includes digital dental x-rays, as well as OPG x-rays. Digital dental x-rays are extremely safe and allow our dentist to see areas of the mouth hidden from the naked eye. Our digital x-rays can be displayed on the screens in our surgeries, allowing us to explain any problems and how best to treat them.

Bundoora Diagnostic Technology

When Would I Need an X-Ray?

We might suggest you have an x-ray if we suspect a tooth is infected. A dental x-ray will show us your tooth root, as well as the bone surrounding the tooth. X-rays are also invaluable for showing areas of tooth decay, particularly in the contact areas in between your teeth.

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