Fluoride Treatment Bundoora

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Fluoride Treatment is a mineral that occurs naturally and it can be extremely helpful for dental health. It is very effective in hardening tooth enamel, increasing resistance to decay.

Fluoride Treatment Bundoora

How Will I Know My Child is Receiving Enough Fluoride?

Our dental team can discuss your child’s requirements for fluoride, as it is important to make sure they receive just the right amount while their teeth are developing. If we feel they will benefit, our dentist might suggest fluoride treatment.

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How is Fluoride Provided?

This can be given topically in our dental practice, in the form of gel or fluoride varnish, or we can prescribe supplements. Fluoride gel can be given in mouth trays that are worn for several minutes, allowing the fluoride to penetrate the teeth. Fluoride varnish is painted onto teeth and left to penetrate for several hours, or sometimes overnight. Both options are quick and painless and are a great preventative treatment.

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