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A cavity in a young child’s tooth should be treated as soon as possible, to prevent the infection from spreading. If tooth decay isn’t treated, the infection will worsen and may eventually mean we need to extract the tooth. It is important a child’s milk teeth are not lost too soon, as this can affect the development of their adult teeth.

Bundoora Dental Fillings

How is a Child’s Tooth Repaired?

Ideally, we will be able to treat any small lesions at a very early stage, when it may be possible to re-harden the tooth with fluoride applications, but otherwise we will need to place a filling. We can fill a child’s tooth with hardwearing amalgam or tooth coloured composite to repair back teeth. Tooth coloured composite resin can also be used to invisibly mend their front teeth.

When providing treatment for children, we are extremely gentle, especially for a child who may be in discomfort or who is at all anxious.

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