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Bruxism is the correct medical term for teeth grinding and clenching and is a common condition that is often associated with another problem called TMJ. This stands for temporomandibular joint disorder, a condition that affects the joints hinging your jaw in place.

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Why Should I Get Treatment for TMJ & Bruxism?

Teeth grinding and clenching tends to be a nocturnal habit that can be very destructive. It applies significant pressure to the teeth and gums, resulting in teeth becoming worn, chipped and cracked or even loosened. This pressure also affects the jaw joints and can cause them to become inflamed and painful.

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What are the Symptoms of TMJ & Bruxism?

If you frequently wake up with tooth or jaw ache, or have noticed your teeth look worn or feel sensitive, please come to see us here at New Age Dental. Other symptoms include facial pain that can extend into your neck and shoulders and TMJ can even cause chronic headaches. Our dentist will closely examine your teeth and jaws to diagnose and treat this problem.

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What is the Treatment for TMJ & Bruxism?

Treatment is often as straightforward as wearing a custom-made night guard. This is generally made from clear thermoplastic and will fit over your upper teeth. Preventing your upper and lower teeth from contacting will prevent further damage to your teeth while reducing inflammation in your jaw joints.

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