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The dental team at New Age Dental Bundoora frequently collaborate closely with medical professionals and specialists, as your dental health can greatly affect any medical treatments or surgery required. Often dental clearance and maintenance is required to help maximise the efficacy of treatment. The dental team here at New Age Dental will need to verify you have had a dental examination within the last six months, that you are free from any dental infection and are not anticipated to need any dental care, other than restorative dentistry within the next six months.

Dental Health & Surgical Treatments in Bundoora

How Can Dental Health Influence Surgical Treatments?

Your dental health greatly affects your general health. If you are dentally fit, it reduces the bacterial count in your blood, improving your blood chemistry so you are more able to heal and fight infection. If you were to undergo surgery while in poor oral health, there is a greater chance of bacteria affecting the surgery site. If you need surgery, we will work with you and with your medical team to ensure your dental health will not negatively affect treatment. Often this may mean providing treatment for active gum disease that could otherwise introduce bacteria from the mouth into the body.

Bundoora Clearance

Who Will Need Clearance?

Clearance is needed prior to cardiac surgery, joint replacement surgery and treatment for cancer or for osteoporosis. Your surgeon will inform you if dental clearance is required before any treatment. In addition to ensuring you do not have any bacterial infections that could affect surgery, patients undergoing cardiac valve replacement are often prescribed anti-coagulants to help prevent blood clots. These medicines can increase the risk of excessive bleeding during other surgical treatments, including dental procedures so it is important to ensure all existing dental problems are treated before surgery.

Bundoora Maintenance

What is Maintenance?

These days, many people need to take multiple medications and the effect on long-term dental health can be gradual and irreversible. We highly recommend you seek dental maintenance care if you regularly take any medicine with “anti” as its prefix. By providing antibiotic cover, we can ensure the impact of any long-term medications is minimised as much as possible.

People with long-term chronic health problems, including diabetes or heart problems will benefit from regular maintenance. Maintenance can help people with other dental problems that include burning mouth or mouth ulcers. We can help special needs patients maintain the very best level of oral health.

For more information, please speak to our friendly dental team on (03) 9467 6759 or visit our practice at Suite 5, Level 1, 20 Scholar Drive, Bundoora VIC 3083.

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