Receive Beautiful All-Ceramic Restorations in a Single Visit

Conventional dental restorations require at least two visits to New Age Dental, but with CEREC, we can provide certain restorations in just one appointment. Utilising the latest CAD/CAM technology, CEREC creates high-quality, precision-made crowns, inlays and onlays while you relax in the dental chair.


How are These Restorations Made?

Our dentist will prepare your tooth, but instead of a conventional impression, it is comfortably scanned with a tiny camera. The camera takes detailed images and a specialised software program uses these images to creates a virtual 3D model of your mouth. Our dentist can custom-design your new crown or filling on this virtual model. Your restoration will be made to this exact design using CAD/CAM technology. Afterwards, it can be either be hand finished or glazed and can be bonded onto your tooth.

These restorations look beautiful and are extremely durable, and with the proper care should provide you with years of use.

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