Recovering from the Sugar Craze? How to Clean Off the Sweet

If there’s one thing you can guarantee during the holiday season, it’s that sweet treats will be everywhere. If you aren’t careful, those sugary goodies could damage your teeth, so follow these tips to help keep teeth healthy and cavity-free.

Enjoy Sweets in Moderation

Just because sweets are readily available, you don’t need to eat them all. Ideally, moderate your intake by enjoying perhaps a dessert a day or try a few things that you really love at a party or celebration. The idea is to reduce the time your teeth are exposed to sugar. The more frequently you eat sweets, the greater the plaque buildup and the risk of damage.

Brush Your Teeth Frequently

In addition to brushing twice daily, you might want to pack a travel toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste so you can freshen up after eating sweets. However, wait at least half an hour before brushing to give pH levels in your mouth a chance to normalise.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

After eating something sweet, try chewing sugar-free gum. It stimulates saliva flow which helps to wash away loose sugary particles and some bacteria. The additional saliva also helps to reduce levels of harmful acids in the mouth more quickly.

Jan, 08, 2020