Why Oral Health Is Important for Women

As women go through different stages in life, their hormone levels change, potentially impacting oral health. Understanding how this affects dental health will help you enjoy a healthy, attractive smile, no matter your age. These changes occur during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.


During menstruation, changes in hormonal levels can increase the sensitivity of the gums to plaque bacteria. Consequently, you may notice your gums bleed more easily at this time, and they could feel a bit more tender. Another potential side effect is experiencing more mouth ulcers and cold sores in the days immediately before your period starts.

We very much hope you look after your oral health year-round, but it can be useful to pay extra attention to your dental care during your period, especially if you notice your gums are a bit more sensitive or that they are prone to bleeding slightly. Also, it can feel more comfortable to schedule your checkups and cleans outside of your period.


Pregnancy can be an amazing and exciting time, but the changes in hormonal levels can be significant as your body accommodates your growing baby. Most women try to eat healthily during this time, but did you know pregnancy can affect your dental health? The increase in hormonal levels can cause pregnancy gingivitis, where your gums begin to bleed more easily due to increased sensitivity to plaque bacteria. Pregnancy gingivitis will clear up once your baby is born, but we might suggest more frequent dental cleanings while you are pregnant. Removing plaque and tartar buildup can help manage pregnancy gingivitis more effectively so you can continue to enjoy a healthy smile.

Morning sickness is another common side effect, and if you are afflicted, rinse your mouth immediately afterwards but wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth. Vomiting exposes your teeth to strong stomach acid that weakens your tooth enamel. Waiting a while gives it time to re-harden, reducing the impact on your dental health.

Please don’t forget to come and see us regularly during your pregnancy. There is no need to be concerned as regular preventive dental care during pregnancy is perfectly okay, and it’s much safer for you both to have any dental problems treated. We take extra special care of our pregnant patients, making sure any treatment we provide is safe for you both.


When menopause rolls around, most women are looking forward to an end to menstruation, but going through the change may affect oral health. As hormonal levels decline and become more erratic, it can increase the risk of gum disease and other issues like dry mouth, where your body cannot produce enough saliva to keep the mouth clean, fresh and comfortable. We have plenty of dental strategies to help you sail through menopause with a smile and with the right care, there is no need for it to negatively affect your oral health.

Customised Dental Care

We customise our preventive dental care plans for every patient, ensuring we factor in your unique oral health needs so you enjoy optimal oral health and healthy teeth for life.

May, 02, 2022