Why Oral Cancer Screenings Work

Oral cancer can affect the cheeks, lips, gums, or your throat. The risk of developing oral cancer has been linked to consuming alcohol, to smoking, or exposure to the human papillomavirus. However, approximately a quarter of all oral cancers are diagnosed in people who have no known risk factors. Unfortunately, all too frequently, oral cancer is diagnosed late in the day when treatment is far trickier, more invasive and potentially less successful. When oral cancer is detected early, treatment is often far more successful, and the long-term prognosis is far better.

When you visit us here at New Age Dental, we can screen you regularly for oral cancer, and we will assess your overall risk for developing this disease based on your medical history. Our dentist is specifically trained in recognising the early symptoms, and an oral cancer screening is quick, non-invasive and entirely painless, and it could just save your life. Your oral cancer screenings are yet another reason for visiting us regularly for preventative care that protects your dental and general health.

Jun, 11, 2019