Have You Noticed There are More Women Dentists?

If you are older or ask your parents, you’ll find female dentists were relatively rare but thankfully, times have changed! Nowadays, the numbers of women entering the profession have increased exponentially, and more than half of dentists aged under 35 are female in many parts of the world. As March 8th is International Women’s Day, we thought it would be interesting to look at why more women are becoming dentists and the qualities they bring to this profession.

A Career for the Caring and Artistic

Dentistry is definitely a caring profession, and female dentists are often drawn to this career because they want to help others, and especially people with dental anxieties and phobias. Also, dentistry blends artistry with science, for example, when creating smile makeovers.

What Could Be More Rewarding Than Making People Smile?

Imagine being in a profession where the reward is seeing people smile, perhaps for the first time in years. Dentists see plenty of patients who avoid smiling or socialising because they feel so self-conscious about their teeth.

It Is Challenging Too!

Being a dentist is continually challenging because you are striving to do the very best for your patients, all while trying to maintain a good balance between your career and home life. Our very own Dr Gunjan Bangia proves it is possible to maintain this balance. She is a mum with two young children and is actively involved in the dental community, even finding the time to mentor dental graduates, many of whom are undoubtedly women.

Mar, 06, 2019