No More Waiting! Get Same-Day Crowns

Conventional crowns need two trips to a dental practice, but with our advanced CADCAM technology, you can receive your new crowns on the same day in just a single visit. There is no need for a second appointment and no need to wear a temporary crown. Instead, your new crown will be precision-made while you relax in the dental chair. This doesn’t take very long so you will soon be on your way with a beautiful new crown firmly in place.

How is This Possible?

Our practice has a CEREC machine that allows us to custom-design and make restorations while you wait. Your tooth is prepared as normal, but instead of having a conventional tray impression, your tooth is scanned with a tiny camera, taking many images each second. These images create a virtual 3D model of your teeth so our dentist can design your crown. Next, it is made by our on-site milling machine from a solid block of pre-shaded porcelain, utilising sophisticated CADCAM technology. After being hand-finished, it is ready to be fitted.

The restorations created using CEREC are extremely high-quality and are very durable and aesthetically pleasing, providing you with an excellent treatment outcome in just one comfortable visit.

Sep, 15, 2017