What Is a Night Guard and How Could It Help You?

A night guard is very useful for people with sleep apnoea or who have issues with their temporomandibular joint, for example, if they clench and grind their teeth, a problem called bruxism. A custom-made night guard is a device designed to fit over your upper teeth. The design can vary depending on why you are prescribed this appliance. If you have bruxism, it will most likely fit over all your upper teeth, while those designed for sleep apnoea may only cover the front upper teeth.

How Can It Help?

Bruxism is extremely destructive, and a night guard prevents your teeth from contacting so you can no longer clench and grind, and instead, your teeth glide harmlessly against the night guard. A night guard designed for sleep apnoea is made to position the lower jaw slightly forward so it helps to keep your airway open while you sleep. Both types are designed to be comfortable to wear and are made from a tough, durable plastic material.

Jan, 08, 2020