Why Maintaining Your Regular Check-ups is So Important After Lockdown?

As we begin returning to a more normal routine, we look forward to welcoming you back for your regular dental check-up and hygiene appointment. Good preventive dental care is critically important in maintaining oral health, which is why we suggest most people visit us at six-monthly intervals. Please don’t forget we offer appointments seven days a week, so it is super easy to find a time to suit you.

Saving You Time and Money

When we can see your regularly, we can monitor your dental health closely. The more quickly we can detect any changes, the sooner we can provide treatment at a stage when it is less time-consuming, less invasive, and cheaper. In addition, you gain peace of mind knowing your smile is well maintained and that if you do require treatment, it is more likely to be minor.

Protecting General Health

When you have good oral health, it helps to protect your overall health. Strong, healthy gums are especially important, and advanced gum disease can be a risk factor for serious systemic diseases. Early gum disease is very treatable, but the signs are often overlooked unless you see a dentist regularly.

Finally, we maintain the highest infection control standards, ensuring surroundings are thoroughly disinfected and equipment is properly sterilised, protecting you and our dental team.

Nov, 14, 2021