How Long Will My Orthodontics Take?

One of the most common questions about orthodontic treatment is how long will it take to complete, and it’s a tricky one to answer. The exact time needed can vary considerably because every person has different issues requiring correction.

Usually, if treatment is pretty straightforward and there are just a few teeth that need straightening, treatment may be completed within 6 to 12 months. A more complex case where teeth require significant realignment can take two years. Most of the time, treatment is complete in around a year to 18 months.

The time needed also depends on the type of appliance chosen. For example, traditional fixed metal and ceramic braces can provide faster results than lingual braces fitted to the inside surfaces of teeth. Also, lingual braces tend to need more adjustments and more appointments. Clear Aligners are a popular system that realigns teeth using clear plastic aligners, but it can also take longer because only minor changes are achieved when the aligners are changed every two weeks.

Some people have teeth that move relatively quickly, while others have teeth that don’t respond as well to treatment. The best way to make sure your treatment finishes as soon as possible and achieves the best results is to follow your dentist’s advice.

Jun, 05, 2021