Did You Know Dental Hygiene Can Affect Fertility?

Increasingly, research is showing that good oral hygiene may potentially improve fertility in men and women. Several studies have shown a link between poor oral health including gum disease and tooth decay, and with infertility problems.

In men, poor dental health has been linked to poor sperm motility and sperm health. In women one study showed those with gum disease took longer to conceive. During pregnancy poor oral health has been associated with premature birth, low birthweight babies, gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

Most research focuses on how gum disease or periodontal disease affects fertility which is thought to be due to the body’s immunological response to the bacterial infection caused by this disease. When your body is fighting infection, it can result in increased inflammation throughout the body. One concern is that this may lead to the immune system attacking healthy cells that include developing sperm cells. In women inflammation may increase the risk of miscarriage or infertility problems, or failure of IVF treatment.

More research is needed to determine the exact link between fertility and dental hygiene but if you want a baby it’s a good idea to book a dental checkup and hygiene appointment for you and your partner, just to make sure you both have good dental health.

Dec, 12, 2017