Is Your Mouth Too Dry?

Most of us take saliva for granted but it plays an important role in keeping the mouth fresh, clean and comfortable. Dry mouth, a condition called xerostomia is caused by insufficient saliva which can be due to a variety of reasons, including medical conditions and medications. Whatever the cause, New Age Dental is here to help you.

Treating Dry Mouth

It is important to get treatment for dry mouth because it increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. We can discuss ways to manage this risk which may include more frequent professional cleanings. Our dentists can prescribe artificial saliva to help your mouth feel more comfortable and we can talk about self-help measures, including sucking sugar-free sweets or gum and remaining well hydrated. At New Age Dental, we sell medicated chewing gum which delivers high quantities of calcium and phosphate to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth. If we think the problem is due to prescription medications, we might suggest you see your GP, but please don’t stop taking any medications without first talking to them.

Sep, 15, 2017