Your Immune System and Its Connection to Your Oral Health

The more we learn about oral health, the more we understand its close connection with the immune system. When a person’s oral health is poor, it can increase the risk of serious health conditions like diabetes, dementia, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease. This is because of the way bacteria in the mouth can potentially affect the immune system.

When you have good oral health, mouth bacteria are removed regularly through brushing and flossing, but otherwise, they can quickly build up to unmanageable levels. Because your mouth is warm, moist and full of nutrients, it creates the ideal atmosphere for bacteria to thrive. As these bacteria multiply, they gradually infect the gums, destroying your gum tissue and causing it to bleed. When gum tissue bleeds, these bacteria can enter your bloodstream. Once in the blood, they promote an immune response in the body, so it releases a specific type of protein. The longer this protein continues to be released, the more likely it can cause an undesirable reaction, potentially promoting other health problems.

Excellent preventative care is a must if you want a healthy mouth and body, so if it’s been a while since you had a dental checkup, contact us here at New Age Dental.

Jun, 11, 2019