How to Snack Smarter

If you thrive on snacking regularly, you don’t need to give up this habit, but it’s worth choosing snacks wisely. Some snacks that seem to be good nutritionally are often packed with unhealthy sugars and fats. Follow our tips for smarter snacking.

  1. Choose wholegrain snacks that help provide long-lasting energy. Examples include high-fiber cereals, whole-grain pretzels or tortilla chips.
  2. Have breakfast at any time the day as many breakfast foods make nutritious snacks. Low sugar granola is one option, or how about a slice of wholegrain toast with low sugar jam?
  3. Combine healthy fats with lighter foods like peanut butter with apple slices or celery sticks.
  4. Snack on unsalted nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashews and hazelnuts. Nuts are packed with beneficial nutrients and can help keep you full for longer. However, they are often calorie-dense, so choose appropriate portion sizes.
  5. Try to have more than one macronutrient such as protein, fat or carbohydrate in a snack by choosing whole-grain crackers with some low-fat cheese, or nuts and a few grapes. Having a balanced snack will provide greater satiety.
  6. Snack mindfully and make sure you enjoy whatever you choose by stopping work or surfing the Internet and eating a snack as if it were a small meal.

Jan, 08, 2020