At-Home Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween will look a little different for everyone this year, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be fun. Trick or treating might be out, but there are many other ways to celebrate Halloween safely.

Think Bigger When You Decorate the Home

Make this the year when you go to town on decorating your home. String up those lights and use old clothes to make scary Halloween monsters like headless scarecrows. Look for Halloween craft projects online that you can do as a family.

Hold a Halloween Hunt Indoors

Hide Halloween treats in your home, and perhaps provide clues for older children to decipher. You could even reuse plastic Easter eggs and decorate them with scary faces. Put a glow stick inside, and they will glow eerily for an after dark hunt. Think creatively about which treats to hide, as they don’t need to be sweet and sugary!

Watch a Creepy Movie

Instead of visiting a haunted house, pick a creepy movie or two suitable for everyone to watch together.

Make Halloween-Themed Food

There are lots of Halloween-themed recipes online, so spend an afternoon making a special Halloween meal for your family to enjoy before your creepy movie. Be sure to bake a few treats to munch on during the film.

Sep, 24, 2020