Here’s How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

When you have dental implants, we will give you lots of practical information and advice on how to care for them. To recap, you must brush your teeth at least twice a day, taking care to thoroughly clean all sides of your implant and you must floss at least once-a-day.

A single dental implant can be brushed and flossed normally, just like your natural teeth, but implant bridges may require special tools to get right underneath the pontics or replacement teeth. Soft picks or interdental brushes are easy to use and very effective. Implant dentures must be regularly removed so you can thoroughly clean the denture and you must clean around each implant.

Dental Check-Ups and Cleanings are Essential

Your six-monthly check-ups and cleans are vital. This allows us to closely monitor the health of your implants and the tissues surrounding them. Regular professional cleanings help reduce the risk of infection and disease.

Sep, 15, 2017