Having Gratitude Has Health Benefits

Did you realise that gratitude can help enhance your life and it even has health benefits? Gratitude means being aware of and acknowledging the simple pleasures of life and its blessings. When you have gratitude then it can improve your happiness levels, may lower stress and reduce depression and will generally make you feel healthier. Gratitude is associated with a stronger immune system and with lower blood pressure. You might even sleep more soundly and could live longer!

When you consciously try to feel more gratitude, then it helps to stimulate serotonin production, which is known as a ‘feel good’ chemical. If you carry out an act of giving or kindness, it boosts your immune system. You can experience a similar effect if you observe others being kind or who are giving. Biology shows us that the neural networks in the brain adapt according to the emotions we experience each day, and when you are grateful, they increase the positive chemicals promoted by gratitude. Amazing as it might seem, what we think creates a biochemical basis for the way we feel.

Focusing on positive thoughts like gratitude creates positive chemicals in the brain and all without the need for drugs. It is a huge incentive for feeling more grateful.

Jul, 02, 2018