Get a Stunning Smile before Christmas with Teeth Whitening

With the party season fast approaching, you want to make sure your smile will sparkle. The easiest and safest way is with a professional teeth whitening treatment and we have two options here at New Age Dental.

For fast results, choose an in-chair laser whitening treatment where in just one appointment, your teeth will look considerably whiter and brighter. Alternatively, we can supply a customised home whitening kit. This includes whitening trays made to fit exactly over your teeth and precisely the right strength of whitening gel so you can comfortably whiten at home. You simply wear the trays for a few hours each day or you can leave them in overnight. In just a few days you’ll notice your smile is brighter and in two weeks or so it will look beautifully white.

To ensure you have a stunning smile in time for Christmas, please contact us straightaway to book your teeth whitening appointment.

Dec, 12, 2017