Five Ways to Deal with Tooth Sensitivity

If sipping an ice-cold drink or eating ice cream is a pain rather than a pleasure, you may have tooth sensitivity. This problem can arise if the tooth enamel covering your teeth wears down, exposing the softer dentine underneath. Whenever you eat or drink something hot or cold or sweet or sour, these sensations can penetrate the tooth more easily, causing sensitivity and pain. Follow these suggestions to help reduce tooth sensitivity.

  1. Drink through a straw so you minimise the amount of contact between fluids and your teeth.
  2. Lick frozen desserts instead of biting into them. This helps to avoid the dessert coming into direct contact with your teeth.
  3. Breathe through your nose, as teeth can become sensitive and painful if you breathe in cold air through your mouth.
  4. Reduce your risk of tooth sensitivity by brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and make sure you floss every day.
  5. Use toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth as they contain special ingredients that help relieve sensitivity, protecting your teeth.

If your teeth are especially painful, book a checkup in case you have a cavity or another dental issue needing treatment.

May, 09, 2021