Five Ways to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

We all reach for the sugary stuff occasionally, for a quick energy boost or when we feel sad, tired or bored, but if you are consuming too much sugar, here are some easy tips to help reduce your consumption.

  1. Stop and think why you need something sweet, and if it is worth it or if another healthier food would satisfy the itch.
  2. Choose a naturally sweet tea such as peppermint to satisfy your cravings. Another good choice is liquorice tea that can trick your taste buds into thinking you have enjoyed a sweet treat.
  3. Brush your teeth, as it is impossible to enjoy chocolate or another sweet item when your mouth is minty fresh. By the time the feeling wears off, hopefully, the craving will have passed.
  4. Drink a big glass of water, as often hunger is caused by thirst. Water is the best way to rehydrate, so make sure you keep a refillable bottle with you.
  5. Do something else to distract yourself, such as going for a walk, meditating, or practising yoga for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Taking your mind off your cravings can help them to pass harmlessly.

Aug, 19, 2021