Five Reasons to Add Kale to Your Diet

A member of the Brassica or cabbage family, Kale is a popular vegetable that is nutrient dense. Five reasons to add Kale to your diet include:

  1. Kale contains powerful antioxidants including flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol, and polyphenols. These help to counteract oxidative damage created by free radicals in the body.
  2. It’s a great source of vitamins C. Kale contains more vitamin C than most other vegetables and a single cup of raw kale has more vitamin C than a whole orange.
  3. It can help lower cholesterol because kale contains what are called bile acid sequestrants which bind to bile acids in the digestive system preventing them from being reabsorbed, reducing cholesterol levels.
  4. Kale is a great source of vitamin K. This vitamin is essential for blood clotting and a single cup of raw kale contains almost 7 times the daily recommended amount.
  5. Kale is high in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that the body can use to create vitamin A.

Oct, 03, 2017