Fed up with Traditional Easter Egg Hunts? Try These Ideas

Traditional Easter egg hunts are pretty straightforward, but this year why not get more creative? We’ve listed a few ideas to try below and who knows, it could just start a brand-new family tradition.

Who Will Win the Golden Ticket?

Introduce a Willy Wonka style Easter egg hunt with a golden ticket hidden in the plastic Easter egg. The lucky winner gets to trade it for a special prize.

Make Your Own Mini Egg Pinatas

Fill clean empty eggshells with confetti for your kids to crack open outside. That way they can make a mess before your Easter celebrations begin.

Have an Easter Egg Relay Race

Instead of kids searching separately, split them into teams and have them working relays. Once a team member finds an egg, they can come back, and the next teammate can continue the search.

Make Your Own Bunny Trail

Send your little ones to look for the Easter Bunny’s footprints that will lead them to their Easter eggs.

Apr, 11, 2019