How to Encourage Kids to Prioritise Their Oral Health

You can begin getting your child into good oral habits while they are still very young. Initially, when their first teeth come through, you will need to brush their teeth for them, but by age two, you will probably find they want to start learning how to brush their teeth. If your child hates having their teeth brushed, you will need to get creative to make the process more enjoyable.

Choose a toothbrush in the shape of your child’s favourite cartoon character. Make sure you spend at least two minutes cleaning their teeth and make it more fun by talking about looking for “treasure” behind their teeth! Children learn by example, so brush your teeth with your child so they can imitate your actions. Talk to your child about why good oral health is so important and how it will help them have nice shiny teeth and a beautiful smile.

As a family-oriented dental practice, we love seeing children, preferably soon after they get that very first tooth. We can work with your child, teaching them the correct way to brush and floss in a way that makes it fun to learn.

Aug, 22, 2019