How to Encourage Children to Priorities Their Oral Health

If you have kids, you’ll know it is sometimes hard to convince them to brush and floss regularly, but it is so important to instill healthy oral habits from very early on. We’ve listed a few easy steps to motivate kids to brush.

  • Very young children want to brush on their own and can be very resistant to help! One way to overcome this problem is to brush your teeth alongside your child and to turn it into a game, letting them brush your teeth so you can brush theirs.
  • It can be helpful to let your child watch you brush and to copy your actions.
  • Two minutes can seem a long time, so find a song that lasts for that long, or use a fun-shaped timer.

You will need to monitor your kid’s brushing habits until age six and be ready to help them if needed.

Jul, 02, 2020