Easy Ways to Wake Up Happier Every Day

If you are a bit of a bear in the morning, at least until you have your first cup of coffee, then we have a few simple tips to help you wake up feeling happier.

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast because it will set you up for the day, instantly making you feel more awake and energetic.
  2. When you wake up, have a good stretch, which releases feel-good endorphins and gets the blood flowing through your body.
  3. Skip the morning news, especially if you get upset over bad news.
  4. Instead of listening to the news play some music! Make a playlist of all your favourite songs to wake up to.
  5. Spend a few minutes getting everything ready the night before, so you don’t need to rush about finding your keys, phone, and wallet before heading to work. You will feel much more relaxed if you are well organised.
  6. Resist the urge to hit the snooze button because you will feel groggy and more tired than when you first wake up.
  7. Keep your curtains or blinds half closed so you can make the most of any sunlight when you wake up. It’s a great mood booster.
  8. Skip checking your social media accounts first thing in the morning. You’ll be amazed at how cathartic it feels!
  9. Take a shower using your favourite shower gel and you’ll feel fresh and ready to face the day.
  10. Reading an inspirational or motivational quote is a great way to kickstart your day. Try it and see.
  11. Make sure you wake up to a fun tune, so change your alarm to a song you love.

Aug, 31, 2018