Easy Tips to Help Kids Feel Comfortable in the Dental Chair

Routine dental appointments are critical for everyone but especially for children. Initially, dental visits can seem a bit intimidating to a kid. These tips will help you to prepare your child.

Tell Your Child What to Expect

Fear of the unknown can be scary, so tell your child what to expect. Explain the dentist will look after their teeth, just like you do when you brush them. The more information your child has, the greater their feelings of empowerment. Ensure they know you will be there during their appointment, so they feel safe and confident.

Be Honest

Use non-threatening and positive words when you talk about dental visits. If they are scared, ask them why and try to understand their concerns. Answer their questions honestly and talk about the positive benefits of dental visits.

Make it Sound Exciting

Try to make going to the dentist sound like an adventure. Once they are here, we truly hope they will enjoy their visit. We have plasma screens on the ceiling for people to watch while they sit in the dental chair. Our children’s area has lots of toys and books, and everyone works hard to create a warm, positive and welcoming atmosphere for all our patients and especially kids.

Nov, 09, 2020