Digital X-Rays: What are They and What are the Benefits Compared with Ordinary X-Rays?

Dental radiographs are a crucial diagnostic tool in dentistry. Because your teeth are embedded into your jawbone, we can only see a small part of each tooth. The areas contacting adjacent teeth and your tooth roots are all hidden from view. Dental x-rays allow us to clearly visualise these areas so we can provide appropriate treatment or can monitor a tooth yet to erupt, for example, wisdom teeth. We only use digital dental x-rays, and which produce a minimal amount of radiation. We can absorb more radiation just by living!

The Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

An x-ray passes through the tooth and onto a plate, forming an image that is instantly transmitted onto the computer screen in the treatment room. Because these images are digital, we can enlarge areas of interest, making an accurate diagnosis very quickly. With a dental x-ray, we can see a cavity, often well before you can even feel it. This allows us to potentially treat the tooth at a much earlier stage, preventing severe infection that could require root canal therapy or even extraction.

The digital dental x-ray equipment here at New the Age Dental is state-of-the-art and meticulously maintained. We only use digital x-rays when necessary, and every precaution is taken to keep you safe.

May, 20, 2019