Dietary Advice and Education Here at New Age Dental

It may seem strange to think you can get dietary advice from your dentist, but it is something we take extremely seriously here at New Age Dental. We know the foods you choose, and even when you eat them, can make a world of difference to your dental health.

When Might I Benefit from Dietary Advice and Education?

We often find it useful to review a patient’s diet when we notice a few issues with tooth decay, despite good oral care. Our experienced dental team can analyse your diet and will soon see if some areas could use some adjustment. Often, it is only a matter of making a few simple tweaks to improve oral health significantly.

One example is snacking between meals, where a busy lifestyle may mean you are constantly on the go and less able to eat regularly. Adjusting the type of snacks to include foods that are good for your teeth may be all that is needed. People will try to choose healthier foods without realising these items can be high in hidden sugars. Typical examples include granola bars and fruit leather or dried fruit, all of which might be healthy but are high in sugars and tend to stick to your teeth. The longer these foods remain on your teeth, the greater the risk of cavities.

Mar, 15, 2021