Dentistry for Kids: How to Make Your Kid’s Appointment Easier

Good preventive dentistry is essential to help ensure your little one grows up with strong, healthy teeth and gums, and it is best to start early. The sooner your child gets into the routine of seeing a dentist regularly, the more likely they will see it as a normal part of life and nothing to fear. So please don’t wait until your kid needs to see a dentist before making that first appointment.

Before the visit, you can prepare your child by telling them dentists are there to help them have healthy smiles and avoid using any negative words like pain. Instead, choose positive words and make sure they know dental visits are a good thing. Try to avoid promising them a reward for visiting the dentist, which can reinforce the idea that dental visits are scary.

We do a lot to ensure that all-important first visit is fun and educational. Our specialist plays music and videos and makes sure the visit is fun and educational. If they need treatment, we will explain exactly what is happening and why and help ensure they feel as relaxed as possible. When a child is more nervous, it can help to bring along their favourite toy to help soothe them.

Aug, 19, 2021