Why is Dental Health Week Important?

Many people are still unaware that oral health and general health are intimately connected. Unless you care for your teeth and gums, your overall health is at risk. Thanks to extensive clinical studies, we now know poor oral health is linked to serious health problems that include diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. We carefully considered this close connection when we designed our custom-built dental clinic; our aim has always been to provide our patients with the very highest standard of dental care. Our QIP accreditation shows our commitment to providing excellent dental care in a safe environment.

New Age Dental is also renowned for being a caring and compassionate dental practice because we understand many people find the idea of dental treatment a little overwhelming. It’s part of the reason why we are also classified as a private hospital, and there is sedation equipment built into our treatment rooms. We work closely with a well-respected anaesthetic team who provide sedation dentistry and sleep dentistry for anyone who feels anxious or nervous, or who requires lengthy treatment to restore dental health.

Dental health week in August is important as it raises awareness as to why excellent dental care is important year-round.

Aug, 22, 2019