What Dental Dos and Don’ts Do You Believe?

There’s a whole wealth of information and misinformation about how to care for your teeth on the Internet! Read on to learn the answer to commonly asked dental questions.

Should I brush my teeth straight after a meal?

No, it’s better to wait at least 30 minutes after eating. After a meal, your mouth is more acidic, and your tooth enamel is weaker and more easily damaged by brushing. Waiting allows your pH levels to return to normal so your tooth enamel can re-harden.

Should I rinse after brushing?

No, as brushing with fluoride toothpaste coats your teeth with a thin layer of fluoride ions, providing added protection against tooth decay. Rinsing would wash away this layer more quickly.

Will eating sugar cause tooth decay?

Yes, but so does eating starchy foods like crisps and biscuits. Eating anything sugary or starchy provides fuel for the bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay, especially if you frequently snack on these foods.

Feb, 15, 2021